2018 - July 16-18 (Boise & Nampa) & July 19-21 Boise

2019 - July 15-17 (Boise & Nampa) & July 18-20 Boise

Boise native Mark Lung- who 

lives in Boise & Kenya will oversee

the community center in Kenya!

BYS 2018 - July 16-18 (Boise & Nampa) & 19-21 (Boise)

Registration begins in February 2018

BOISE YOUTH SPECTACULAR 2017-18  Service Project


BUY A BRICK for only $5 each (or two or ten) and help change lives!  5000 bricks are needed!  Each BYS participant and their family are invited to donate one (or twenty) brick(s) to help improve lives in rural Kenya.

The building above is similar to the type of structure BYS will have built near KAKAMEGA in Western Kenya. It will serve the community in many ways including; free youth computer center and small library, gathering place (games, music & social), monthly technology classes and community seminars, activity nights (movies/soccer & more).

WHY THIS: Over the past 18 years BYS has been involved in many local and worldwide projects, including; diaper dash, hygiene & school kits, pillow case dresses, shoes for africa and last year a wonderful refugee project.  This year we are expanding our vision and making a difference in the everyday lives in a very needy part of the world.

This facility will be equipped with solar power and water.  It will be constructed by locals and it will provide jobs.  Income from modest building rental and adult computer services will help cover employee costs. Supervision will be provided by Boisean Mark Lung Eco2- President


Important–In special instructions indicate “BYS Community Center”

VISIONS MADE VIABLE helps projects like these become a reality. Kilns funds are used to help people get jobs and start businesses.  They have agreed to funnel all funds from the BOISE YOUTH SPECTACULAR and friends to the BYS Community Center.  All donor’s names will be placed on a plaque in the center.  Kilns will make sure our funds are used appropriately.  If we fall short in our efforts Kilns will use our funds to assist needy people in starting businesses

Funding for this center will come from donations. No BYS funds will be used.

Actual cost of the bricks is less than $5. The brick cost reflects all cost needed to adequately complete the building project.   5000 bricks are needed to construct this center. (ECO2 is providing supervision of construction and other infrastructure to the center.   


The Boise Youth Spectacular is presented under the dircction of 33 local LDS Stakes and LDSSA (The Boise Institute of Religion)​

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

What is BYS?

Originating in 1999 the Boise Youth Spectacular (BYS) is a 3-day extravaganza utilizing local facilities and volunteers to produce a social, educational, spiritual and economical youth conference. Youth are divided into groups with trained volunteer young-adult counselors (ages 18-31)   

Together they study the scriptures, pray, attend workshops, firesides, eat, dance and enjoy musical events.

Established by priesthood leaders - youth who attend BYS must be age 14 -by the last day of BYS - and includes those who will be high school seniors in the Fall of that year. Graduated seniors may apply to serve on staff or as counselors.  For participation youth & parents agree to abide by the BYS Honor Code (see under FAQ or Information tabs).